Huang Di Treatise on the Power of Calm, Love, and Achieving Immortality

Huang Di Treatise on the Power of Calm, Love, and Achieving Immortality

Written by Anna Zubkova

Listen to the Divine Silence — and My words of Great Calm and Great Love will come!

I’ll talk about Tao* — how it can be expressed in words. And what is beside words — I am ready to present privately to everyone who reads and listens to Me.

I would like that My words be heard by all people of the Earth!

But not everyone is ready to hear the advice of God. Not everyone is ready to change one’s life — according to My words.

But that one, who follows it, receives great benefits on the Path to Tao!

Whether a person wants it or does not want, does he or her know about this or is in ignorance, but, being embodied on the Earth, he or her becomes a participant in the process of the evolution of souls. This applies changes in the soul, as well as influences on the same process in other surrounding beings.

While the soul is small and weak, its development easily succumbs to external influences. The power of will and the wisdom of recognition are accumulated with the experience of the conscious life of the soul.

But, even not realizing changes which occur with it in the process of the evolution, the soul follows its own way of growth and development.

And the positively significant in this way are the qualities of Love, Wisdom, Power, and Peace.

* * *

Look: a tiny human body is on the surface of the Earth. It is negligible — in a comparison with the size of the planet. But, if to look from Tao, the Earth itself is only a tiny speck in the vast space…

Little mass of consciousness, commonly called a soul, is connected to the body — and takes the opportunity to grow and develop.

Human soul has the ability to cultivate different abilities and qualities.

In particular, a person can aspire to the attainment of the Perfection — such as that of the Immortal Divine Te!

But for this, it is necessary, in particular, to grow to the size of the planet and even more.

Yes, a human soul which was initially a little spark of consciousness — can become the Flame of the Divine Love and the Ocean of Clear Calm, the Focus of Wisdom accumulated in the universe, and also the Tool of Power of the Eternal Tao!

Yes, an incarnated soul can grow to the right to become a Part of the Great Ocean of Consciousness, Which manages everything in the universe!

This is the achievement of the Immortality of Gods!

This is the yoga of acquiring Immortality!

This is the Path of the transformation of the human soul — into the Divine Soul.

At the first stage of such Immortality — the Achiever finds a life among the Immortal Te.

But there are Those Who do Immortalize Their bodies. They can live in such immortal bodies as long as is needed. And the bodies of such Persons do not need to die.

And such Persons will not have to be born on the Earth again.

These Persons will always be able to come — in the bodies or without them — to help those who seek the Path to Oneness with Tao.

* * *

Merged with the Ocean of the Subtlest — become Invincible! Those Persons obtain the Power of Calm of Tao and can also be the Power of Creative Fire.

The Power belongs to Everyone in the Ocean of United Consciousnesses, in the United We, Which is the Primordial Essence of all that exists.

But it is impossible to describe with a help of words this Great Creating Origin.

The Divine Fire, creating evolving islands of life, no matter how great is Its Strength, is only a Part of the Universal Power.

The Power of Tao cannot be embraced by the ordinary human understanding.

Only Those, Who have mastered the Oneness with Tao, find the fullness of knowledge of Him!

* * *

Human beings are able to transform oneself-soul consciously. This distinguishes the incarnations into human bodies — from the lives of souls of plants and animals which grow and evolve unconsciously; they are only subject to the circumstances of their lives.

However, man also can live like a plant or animal…

But really man is able to create much more!

Tao has bestowed people with great opportunities for the development.

Man can grow as the soul and fill oneself with the understanding about what is happening with him or her and around.

Man may, in particular, remove from oneself mental fuss and self-centeredness.

Man can find in oneself blemish properties: such as excessive desires, manifestations of fear or anger, violence or lack of will — which fail his or her life on the foundation of Tao.

Man can remove from oneself undesirable properties of oneself-soul, which create these disharmonies.

In particular, man can take off from oneself the mess of mind and ripple of excited ego.

All this can be mastered by learning to live in the spiritual heart.

And then — no longer fears and doubts exist, rather there is the joy of connection with the Will of Tao and Te! Such life is simple and full of joy!

Great Te watch over and assist those people who follow the Path to Tao, even if these people are still only at the very beginning of the Path.

* * *

But another now is dominating in people’s lives on the Earth… Although people think that they are far advanced in their evolution…

They have learned to cultivate the land — but have forgotten how to love the Earth!

They have learned to extract metals and melt them into instruments of labor and war — but have forgotten how to understand why the labor is needed and what are the consequences of wars!

Who exterminates members of the own kind? Who is this one? Does the person, who does this, have the right to be called man?

Wild animals hunt to survive. The nature of the predatory animal allows it to feed on the flesh. But the beast-predator will not meaninglessly destroy its congeners!

Only people, to whom Tao has given freedom of choice, can either sink with souls to levels below the animal kingdom — or, on the contrary, be transformed and ascend to the levels of the Divine world!

Many now believe that they have developed their minds and learned how to make unique devices… They are proud of this…

But not many of them think about what these devices are used for…

During the bustle of everyday life of people — they forget why they live on the Earth!

Because of many such opportunities — the main thing is lost: what should all these skills and achievements of technical progress serve to?

* * *

One who is able to listen — acquires the respect of others.

One who is able to understand others — accumulates wisdom.

One who knows the nature of wind movements — can predict the weather and steer sails.

One who knows the nature of the development of plants — can grow a large crop.

One who knows the body’s structure, energy channels in it and also seeing the causes of disease in a body and in a soul — can be a good healer.

One who knows Love and Calm of Tao — knows the most important in life!

One who knows the Truth and is able to talk about it at the right time and with the help of wise words — gets the right to relay to people the wishes of Te. Te replenish the wisdom of such man from the Source of Perfect Knowledge.

Knowing the Laws of Tao — can live in harmony and gets the opportunity to learn a flawless interaction with everything in all worlds!

It is from the Calm of Tao, the Great United We, — the Intents of God are born. And They are indestructible!

* * *

Everyone already belongs to the Will and Power of the Ocean of Tao, because nothing exists outside His Authority.

Everything in the evolution of souls on the Earth goes on in accordance with the Will of Tao.

Personal will can coincide or be opposite to the Will of Tao.

But every madman who tries to resist Tao, becomes an accessory of destructive forces, without which, however, there is no life in the material world.

* * *

Great ability to understand the Will of Tao and instructions of Te comes from the small and simple. Taking into their lives the knowledge of Tao, people can namely learn in the school of life, but not to “go with the flow” guided by only their own desires, and emotions.

Being still not able to hear the words of guidance from Te, people can see the Divine hints — in what happens with each in life.

Have studied laws of non-harming and respect for harmony, one can strive to follow them. Then soon each of one’s mistakes becomes obvious for this person — because it will fill the soul with sadness and remorse.

Also each step in the right direction will be noticeable as well — because every correct action will be rewarded with joy and bliss given by Te.

Soon such zealot learns to hear the words of Te, which will fill one’s understanding of how to live.

What do you need to make it happen?

Immerse your mind into the silence of the spiritual heart!

It is in the spiritual heart, filled with love, where a meeting with God happens!

Opened spiritual heart becomes a bridge between these worlds. Thus, it reveals the way from the world of people — into the Abode of Divine Te.

And then Those Great Te will help to bestow the Unity with Tao — to the aspirants who strive with love into Him!

* * *

People are looking for happiness in their lives.

The state of happiness, which the soul can experience, is always of the nature of unity, of fusion.

One loves rice — and feels happiness when eating rice.

Another one likes nice clothes — and is happy when wearing it.

A third one likes to travel — and finds happiness from the beauty of new places which he or her are exploring.

But such happiness is small and fleeting. The pleasure of nice food and fun company quickly ends, clothes soon wear out, the same places become boring, the aimless way bores too… And this person wants more new pleasures…

The ability to merge with souls is generated by mutual love.

The mutual love of souls creates their mergence. The subtle and tender mutual love gives the bliss!

The nature of love includes the giving and shining like the sun. Anyone, who has learned to love, is happy by giving love!

So, gradually, souls learn to fill with happiness and lavish care — of others! The desire to benefit not oneself but others, also the ability to be happy because of the happiness of others — this is the first step towards the attainment of the Great Love-Care, which is the main characteristic of Te.

Love for God never is unrequited! Therefore, the greatest happiness is acquired by the soul in Mergence with the Divine Love.

This is the Path that leads to the Union with Tao!

This is the possibility to enter the Great Happiness of the Divine Life!

* * *

Throughout the ages, many people have dreamed of bodily immortality.

They dreamed of the eternal existence of their tiny shells, in which tiny clusters of souls are clothed… And they searched for this the material means, created various elixirs and tablets…

Why does one want this so primitive “immortality”: take the pill — and can live in this body forever?!

One wishes this due to ignorance of the world where souls live without bodies. Also — because of the fear of death, disembodiment, or due to affections for earthly possessions and pleasures! That’s why so many people wanted and continue to want the infinite extension of the life of their bodies!

But souls — do not die! And life after death — continues!

And then — every soul takes on a new body. Then — those bodies die too… But the soul — still lives on!

All this is intended for the process of development of souls, which occurs here, in the material world, according to the Will of Tao and under the care of Te.

In the search of immortality of their bodies, people have discovered much! They invented postures and movements for bodies to strengthen health, also studied the properties of plants and minerals…

But there were seekers who had cognized the True Immortality of souls, because they, using the help of Te, went in their quests into the Depths. There, they were searching the other worlds — in addition to the world of dense matter. They have cognized the “ladder of a plurality of steps” leading to the world of Subtlety. There — they gained immortality in Mergence with the Eternal Tao!

* * *

One can accept the Will of Tao — as one’s own destiny and choice.

So such a soul gets the opportunity to learn to live in the United We of all Te. Gradually, this soul learns to live in the Mergence with Tao and the possibility to come from Him into the Creation in a quality of Te.

Gradually is acquired the Mergence with Tao and the ability to come from Him into the Creation — as Te.

Those for Whom it has become a reality, have nothing to lose — when disembodied. They only get freedom from the material world.

Skills of Those, Who have gained the Oneness with Tao, which were developed during multiple embodiments, may be included in the Work for Tao — also in Their unembodied state.

* * *

The Supreme Rulers of the Life sometimes come onto the Earth, incarnating or materializing bodies, — to help people to understand the meaning of their existence on the planet and the meaning of being the entire Universe. They tell people about the Path of cognizing the Great Love and Great Peace of Tao.

They talk about the Laws on which everything develops in the created world: the law of retribution for the good and evil done in life and the law of harmony.

They tell about how to find happiness in paradise worlds, following the path of kindness, caring, love, and non-violence.

They talk about what is good and what is evil — from the point of view of Tao. Also — what contributes to the correct evolution of souls, and what prevents it.

They also tell how — as a result of the development of incarnated souls up to the Divine Perfection — the Great Primordial Ocean of Tao is replenished with the new Great Souls Which have attained the Immortality.

And, having learned about all this, people have a choice: to live by these Laws — or to transgress them…

* * *

Tao lives in Great Calm.

Therefore, the ability to be in peace is helpful for a soul.

Movement is naturally inherent to incarnate life. Actions of both minds and bodies — serve the evolution of souls.

But vanity, depriving the calm during actions, prevents the growth of awareness.

The vanity is usually the result of uncontrollability of mind, which cannot be in peace and therefore forces the body to take actions — including those needless, pointless.

One, who has mastered calm of the mind and silence in the depth of developed spiritual heart, studies the rules of harmonious life. Such one can separate important — from insignificant, required — from devoided of meaning.

* * *

Great wisdom, fearlessness, peace, determination — all this grows out of the knowledge of the Divine Love!

A soul can come closer to such a life not immediately. That is why souls need many their lives in material bodies — so that love grows in them!

The Divine Primordial is Love, possessing an endless all-empowering Power and Wisdom!

It manifests and realizes what was conceived in the Creation — by means the help of the Fiery Power.

Thus the Great Te, Which control all the processes in the universe, are manifesting Themselves in the Creation.

* * *

Many people dream about possessing the Might — as the Immortal Te possess. They think that it is very desirable for themselves to have the Power of the Greats and the ability to perform wonders.

But one, who has not yet got rid of vices, should not look for power!

Dirty mind — because of low-lying thoughts, desires, and selfish thinking, also the brutal properties of the soul and the gross inclination to lose subtlety, falling into negative emotional states — such qualities represent danger for their owner.

It’s hard sometimes for one, who revels in power and strength, to consider one’s own vices! The evil that one does seems to such one as the impunity!

Therefore, only capable of complete Unity with De Consciousness — can be called truly Wise.

So only a great and wise his or her love gives to one the right to have the Divine Power!

Therefore only that one, who is finding blamelessness and absolute purity of the soul — in the understanding of Tao and Te, — can cognize the Greatness of the Divine Power.

* * *

In the Ocean of TaoOcean of Equality in Their Divine Oneness — human individuality disappears. And from this time the new Divine “I” gets the right to use the Universal Power.

One should leave one’s worldly desires and affections, become cleansed from blemishes, master the heart love and wisdom — and then the whole Infinity of Tao can be opened before this seeker!

Only that one who has already no personal desires — including the attainment of the ability to make miracles — receives the right to operate the Divine Power.

The manifestation by Avatars of miracles for the crowd — this is only a “business card” of God, which allows reminding to people about the Divine Omnipotence.

* * *

Many people may be surprised that Huang Di speaks for them now.

But those, who believe in the fact that this is the reality, will have advantages over the doubting and not believing.

Those who have learned to accept My Direct Guidance — have a chance to be the Winners on the Path to Me.

People, who remember My name, honor Me as the Great Immortal, possessing the Higher Power and Higher Knowledge, the Emperor-Sovereign of the Celestial Empire. Is it accidental?

Do those, who call Me the Immortal, believe that I am the Living and can speak with everyone right here and now?

Those, who call Me the Owner of the Highest Knowledge, will they believe in what I am talking about? Will they want to join these Knowledge? Will they want to apply the wisdom of Tao and Te into their lives? Will they want to follow My Advice?

In a great difficulty are those who do not want to know about the existence of Tao and are not ready to listen to the Advice of Te.

Hard is life for those who revere small and insignificant as self-existent, and they do not know about Tao, the Great Wisdom, Love and Power, Which is the Original Cause and Purpose for the existence of everything!

Bright and beautiful the Path to Tao!

And happy is that one, who consciously goes this Path!


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