Jao — from China according to His last incarnation. He was a Disciple of Lao Tse. Under the leadership of non-incarnate Lao Tse, Jao managed to create an ashram in which beauty and harmony reigned. In this ashram He raised a group of successful disciples.

Here — the young and beautiful intangible Image of Jao approaches in the sea of golden Light. He is surrounded by His companions and followers.

Jao shows His ashram: a lake with blooming lotuses in a gentle morning mist, light boat slides along the smooth surface of the water…

He draws our attention to the way by which He now gives us this beauty: He reproduces it, creating images by Himself-Consciousness. He says that Each of the Achieved can do so, issuing from Tao and creating, including, such images.

And we can perceive the created by Him beautiful picture: to see the reflection of sun’s rays in water, to hear the soft splashing of oars, the rustling of lotuses, pushed aside by the sides of the boat, to touch the droplets of dew on their tender petals.

Jao explains that the beauty exists on both the material and the Divine planes. And, in fact, the Beauty of Divine Souls is the Highest Beauty!

Incarnate people can learn to live in impeccably beautiful states of the soul!

Another task: to learn to create subtle, saturating with harmony and beauty works of art. And also — to help others in mastering it.

It is very important that genuine beauty, wise subjects, and beautiful images, explaining the laws of true rectitude and harmony, — become food for souls, which may be conveyed to people by spiritual art!


Tao Te Ching Parables Huang Di Lao Tse Huang Han