Lao Tse Treatise on Health of Body and Soul

Lao Tse Treatise on Health of Body and Soul

Written by Anna Zubkova

Bodily health — it is good.

To maintain the body in a healthy state is a boon for the development of the soul that dwells in this body.

Disharmony of energies in the body leads to diseases.

Harmony promotes health.

Restoration of harmony quickly leads the patient to recovery.

It is appropriate to begin treatment before the disease begins to destroy the body.

It is worth thinking about bringing yourself into harmony before illness and old age render harmony unattainable.

* * *

It would be necessary to take measures against diseases — before their onset.

It is wise to prevent the pain of the body and the suffering of the soul by righteous behavior, cleansing and bringing to harmony both outer, that is, bodily, and inner, that is, spiritual.

But for some reason, not so many people are in a hurry to do this before the pain comes, which indicate the downhill process of imbalance of energies and violations of harmony.

Even realizing that pain and suffering can be the result of their own wrong actions, people continue to indulge in passions and vices!

What can we say about those who are still ignorant of the laws constructing destinies at all?

* * *

Health of both the soul and the body are interrelated.

Impact on the soul can speed up the recovery of the body.

Influencing the body, this is a way to improve the state of the soul.

Health of the soul and body generates bright thoughts, cheerfulness and joy. Then both calm and movement — smoothly flow into each other in the life of such a person, depending on the circumstances. Energy is not wasted in this case, and it is enough for everything that is needed.

The oppressed state of the soul gives rise to gloomy thoughts, excessive lethargy or, on the contrary, excessive activity and even aggression. Instead of natural peace or movement — apathy comes from lack of energy or fussiness from its excess. Peace and joy are lost. All the organs of the body go into disharmony — and a violation of their functions and illness can be the consequence.

* * *

Bodily health should not be an end in itself!

The main aspiration of the soul for the transformation of oneself and the cognition of Unity with Tao — should not be marginalized!

But a sick body has a bad effect on the life of the soul, which dwells in it, and creates obstacles on the Great Path.

Because this Path we must overcome namely in the body. For this, souls also receive bodies — according to the Will of Tao and in the fulfillment of Te. That is — in order to do the work of cognition, improvement, and service!

It happens that a disease is given to spiritual zealots for admonishment or purification. These are those obstacles, lessons, overcoming which the students of wisdom are even more purified.

It’s good if the disease is successfully avoided. But, if, nevertheless, the illness has happened, then one should not rely only on medicines and the external effects of healers. The causes of any illness originate in the internal. External treats external manifestations, but it is necessary to resolve hidden causes, which consist in the disturbance of harmony of the soul.

Having understood the reasons, one should thank Te and Tao for granted understanding — and then it is easy to remove both the causes and their consequences in the body.

* * *

When a person is sullen, depressed, not joyful, subject to anxiety and fear or resentment and anger — this disharmony of the soul gives the body the command to destroy.

It is important to feel the bliss of life! This bliss is observance of harmony with all the Whole!

This must be understood! This is important to follow!

For each level of development of the soul, there is an appropriate level of compliance to the Laws of Harmony of Tao.

For the devotees of spiritual labor, the bliss of life is born from Unity with Te and Tao.

For someone who is just beginning the spiritual Path, let bliss be found, including, in admiring the beauty of nature or in the skillful management of one’s own healthy and flexible body. Even bliss from delicious food, as well as from peace and quiet in life — it is appropriate to appreciate and thank for it Te and Tao!

* * *

Often, only after losing health, a person thinks about how valuable it was…

And, just having destroyed calm and peace in their own lives and brought disaster to others, also having violated harmony and purity of nature, — people notice what priceless treasures they could possess!

It is difficult to revive the lost!

It is not easy to restore the destroyed!

It is good to gain wisdom from small mistakes and prevent great disasters!

* * *

A lot of people of the Earth voluntarily or involuntarily send each other and other beings around — their energies.

Each influences also the universe as a whole, because each is its integral part.

A person can give to surrounding beings either love and calm — or anger, depression and other negative states.

Everyone chooses: either to be healthy and righteous and to bring exactly harmony to everyone — or to indulge in a vice-filled way of life.

One, striving for the destruction of harmony, — necessarily destroys oneself. It’s unavoidable!

World order is supported by the work of Te. So — according to the Great Law of Development, established by Tao, — there is a disposal of souls from dirt.

* * *

So, cleanse your thoughts and emotions from hatred and all evil! Fill with love and peace!

Create a habit of living in love and harmony! This will be a good foundation for the health of the body and soul!

You build your own destinies, and the future of the Earth!


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