Parables of Lao Tse

Parables of Lao Tse


Lao Tse achieved the complete Immortality and for centuries helped people to cognize the Truth. His body didn’t change any longer and was not subject to diseases and death.

He did not try to leave His name in the history forever but wanted to give people that Wisdom the Bearer of which He became. This was the Greatest Knowledge about Tao and Te.

People did not know much about it… But thanks to Lao Tse, what is known at present as Taoism rooted and became strong in the Under-Heavenly World.

… Sometimes He heard how people talked about Him and smiled…

… Once He approached a group of people who were carrying on a lively conversation:

“Those who saw this Sage on a white donkey say that He was riding sitting on it backwards and even didn’t look where He was going!” — said one of those people.

“They also say that His donkey could pass any distance during one day, even a thousand miles, and that when the Sage stopped for the night — He folded the donkey like paper, and when He had to go again — He unfolded it — and it came to life!”

“No, He rode on an ox!” — said the other.

“Not on an ox! On a buffalo!” — objected the third.

“Of course, on an ox! And He carried a cart with manuscripts with Him!”

“No! Not a cart! Ten carts! He was a Sage after all!”

“Yes, He was the Perfect One! He read people’s thoughts, knew past and future, and cured any disease with a single remedy, which He carried in a bottle gourd! He could even raise people from the dead!” — blurted out without a pause the first speaker, who was proud of his deep knowledge about the lives of the Immortals.

“Some call Him Chang Kuo-Lao, while others Lao Tse or Lao Tzu!”

“No! Lao Tse wrote only one book, while this Lao, when He became Immortal, flew up and disappeared. His clothes fell to the ground, and His disciples buried them!”

“Why is He painted with tree branches on His head?”

“He isn’t painted so!”

Lao Tse came closer to these arguing people and greeted them.

They were very happy and said:

“You are, as seen, a well-educated man! Judge us! Tell us which one of us is right!”

“Does it matter if the Sage rode on a donkey or just walked? What is really important is what He taught. Have you read the book about Tao and Te?”

“No, we can’t read…”

… Then Lao Tse told these people some of the things He knew so that they can practice those truths in their daily lives. However, He did not say His name.

… Thus He lived, appearing and disappearing in different parts of China and helping in a little way to a large number of people. He also could help very few of those who were ready for the higher achievements, by giving them the knowledge about the Path of the cognition of Tao.

… One day Lao Tse heard how young men from a Taoist monastery were discussing His book about Tao and Te. They were arguing for a long time about words.

Lao Tse modestly sat down near and started listening.

One girl came closer to the debaters and began listening too. At that moment, the young men stopped talking and told her that the lot of women is only to wash dishes and nurse children.

Then Lao Tse began to speak. He reminded them that the Path of Knowledge exists for both: for men and women, and He opened them the first simple steps of this Path.

They all were listening breathlessly to what He was saying, since the Truth was in each one of His words, and it was impossible not to feel this.

And afterwards, some of them had the courage to become the disciples of the Immortal Lao Tse.

… This happened again and again, and Lao Tse led a lot of worthy seekers to the Abode of Tao.

… Maybe it’s your turn now?


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