Parables of Lao Tse

Parables of Lao Tse

The Tenth Parable:
About Pride, Humility,
and Ability to Dissolve Oneself
and Merge with Tao

Lao Tse kept traveling.

Now he often stayed in those villages or towns to which Huang Di pointed. His fame of a healer and wise man grew and spread…

Huang Di taught His disciple:

“Don’t reveal the great secrets to the unworthy!

“Besides, you should not rejoice too much over the glory that surrounds your abilities at this moment! Don’t forget that you’ve learnt all that you can do now through the communication with Me, thanks to Me!

“Only great humility and great love allow one to obtain the Great Power, Which is the same as the Power of Tao!

“A disciple should never lose impeccable humility! It is the guarantee of great victories over oneself! It is the basis of the correct achievements in the transformation of the soul!

“You should agree with Tao completely. If you do this only partially, this will result in a dangerous breakdown.

“If a person starts presenting his or her will as the Will of Tao, he or she stands on the path that leads to the downfall, which will absorb imperceptibly all previous achievements of a soul.

“Only complete humility before the Supreme Will is the cure for this deadly disease — pride.

“The proud and selfish are ‘heavy’. They drown in their own vices, which entangle them with their ‘weight’. Thus they lose a major battle of life!

“On the contrary, the humble and selfless are ‘light’. Thanks to this, nothing in their lives can be a serious obstacle for them! They can quickly achieve the transparency of the body and subtlety of the soul.

“Sadness and anger are companions of pride.

“Calm and joy are companions of impeccable humility.

“Being in the state of great calm, always accept the inevitable!

“Everything in the world of matter is possible for the One Who lives in the Mergence with Tao.

“This Person has no desires that are different from the Will of Tao or opinions that are different from the opinions of the Great Te.

“There are many people who only heard about wise and helpful things, but who never made of them the foundation of their lives. In spite of this, they consider themselves knowledgeable and are proud, thinking that they have no equals… See how ridiculous their pride is in the Light of the Truth!

“Proud people with the vicious minds tend to see defects of others and condemn everything around. Yet they don’t notice their own imperfections!

“Truly intelligent people, on the contrary, seeing defects of others, will eliminate the same bad qualities in themselves, as if they were looking in the mirror placed before them by Tao.

“It’s possible to help others only if they strive for self-transformation.

“It makes sense to speak to those who are willing to hear.

“You shouldn’t interfere in the destinies of people who rejected the recommendations of Tao.

“The wise look at all creatures from the position of Tao, that is, with the eyes full of love.

“The wise act maintaining the Mergence with Tao inside Its Great Calm.

“The actions of the wise are perfect because they come from Tao. That is why the reproaches of vicious people don’t affect the wise.

“The wise are immune to hatred and condemnation! Such emotions can’t touch them since they live in Tao!

“Even bodies of the wise can be hurt only if there is the Will of Tao for this.

“To help people understand is a hard and thankless task, but it serves for the good of Tao.

“Even if only 9 people out of 9000 really hear and understand you, and if only 1 of those 9 manages to accomplish what he or she heard — even in this case, the benefit will be great! It is so, since this 1 will achieve more than 9000 taken together.”

* * *

Once Huang Di said:

“Now it is the time for you to return to a life of solitude. Go to the mountains…”

“But, Huang Di, so many more people still need my help!”

“Well, do as you wish…”

… Lao Tse directed his donkey to a valley where a next village was seen in a distance… He began to submerge into meditation but noticed that the donkey had changed route by itself and had started climbing a hill slowly.

Lao Tse asked Huang Di:

“Why don’t You approve my desire to help people? You Yourself recently have advised Me to do so!”

“There are different ways and possibilities of helping people. I am, for example, doing this right now too, and not only with you. I can help a lot of people at the same time, because I have the Great Power of Tao in Its totality.

“One shouldn’t oppose oneself to Tao even in the smallest things! It is important to learn to feel the Will of Tao always!

“Total submission of the developed human mind to the Will of Tao is one of the points of education.

“If you completely cut off your ability to think — I will laugh at you, since I don’t need fools! On the other hand, if your mind puts up resistance to My Will — then I will step aside and wait until you finally start wanting to merge with Me again…”

“Do we need to find the ‘golden mean’?”

“Yes. Only by observing carefully the ‘golden mean’, you can remain on the Path to Tao! On this background, I teach you to feel every nuance of the Will of Tao and Te!

“Now for you the time has arrived to become fully connected with My Great Power!

“However, in order to attain the full Mergence, you should master the ability to dissolve yourself. You should learn to disappear in the boundless Ocean of Tao!

“Just as a drop, falling into a large volume of water, loses its boundaries and becomes the inseparable part of this water, just as a river, flowing into the ocean, loses its current and shores — so the soul should be able to lose completely its individuality and isolation when merging with Tao, so that only one united Love, united Wisdom, and united Power remain!

“You’ve learned to be in the state of dissolution in Me.

“But now you should go deeper in comparison with your usual perception of Me!

“I Myself have beaten the Path from a developed human spiritual heart to the Abode of Tao! Having traversed it, you will be able to live forever in the Mergence with the Subtlest!

“Feel what I am! All that is not I — is like a dress on My Limitless Universal Body of Consciousness!

“Feel My Universal Greatness and Power!

“The slightest movement of My Arms can change worlds! Yet when there is no immediate need, I maintain the Great Calm.

“Tao exists in the state of Great Calm.

“It is only by the Will of Tao that a movement begins from Its Abode — movement that creates a new reality.

“This movement is the Creative Divine Fire of the Great Te. They have Power to create or destroy parts of the universe, as well as to control and direct everything that exists.

“Thus I rule over everything, remaining in the Mergence with the Transparent Calm of the Ocean of Tao, Which lies in the depths, deeper than the Creative Flame.

“Regardless of whether I have a material body or not, I always experience the entire Absolute.

“My body — when I create it — is like a little finger on one of My numerous Hands. I can act with that ‘finger’, but it doesn’t limit My self-perception to such a small piece of the universe.

“You too can gradually expand your self-perception inside this world and inside the subtlest worlds, by embracing with yourself as a soul consisting of love and peace increasing volumes of the multidimensional universe.

“At first, you won’t be fully merged with the Divine Power. But by gaining more and more experience of life in the Mergence with Tao, you should grow in Love and Wisdom! Through this, you will gradually develop your capacity to manifest the Great Power of Tao.

“Be One with the Infinite, Transparent and Subtlest State of Primordial Tao!

“Remain the Ocean of Tao even when entering your body!”


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