Parable of Han

Parable of Han

Parable on Power and Love

One person had seen the beautiful flowers that blossomed in the valley. He was filled with enthusiasm! He wanted to take and carry away at least a piece of this beauty, to possess it!

He tore off the flowers as much as he could carry. He brought them home and placed in vases… But very soon, deprived of their roots, they died…

“What a pity that the beauty is not eternal…” — grieved that person.

* * *

An artist had found himself to be in the same valley with beautiful flowers. He was admiring the marvelous beauty that had appeared before him. And he had remembered the delightful view!

He had imprinted in the soul both the beautiful play of colors in corollas of bloomed flowers, and the whole valley, and bluish pierced by morning sunlight haze of light mist in the distant mountains…

He took away with him this beauty — as a great treasure! He hurried home, trying to remember everything and sketch what he saw!

And really — he was able to convey in his painting that beauty!

Subsequently, many people came to enjoy the picture. They were happy, admired!

… Flowers faded, times a year replaced not once, but the memory of the beauty was living in the picture and pleased, ennobled people — even centuries later!

* * *

A Traveler passed through the same valley. He was also fascinated by the amazing beauty created by God! He had gathered the ripened seeds of the flowers and took them with Him.

And everywhere in suitable places, where ran His way, he sowed the seeds.

And the beauty of the Earth was multiplying. Every year ascended sown seeds were waking up, and wonderful flowers blossomed!

… A Traveler was walking on the land, driven by God, and sowed the seeds of Beauty, Wisdom and Goodness in the hearts of people.

And it was not only the beauty of flowers that He had cognized on His way!

He walked on the land and sowed the seeds of ever reviving and developing the great Beauty of the spiritual life that He had cognized and therefore had a right to multiply wisely!


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