Taoism is the Teachings about Tao and about the Path to It, which consists in the development of oneself, cognition of Tao, and Mergence with It.

Tao is an Infinitely Great and Tender Being, God in the aspect of the Creator.

Tao waits for us in Itself, gently caring about those who go to It by developing themselves as spiritual hearts, as Love. After all, God is Love!

The Founder of Taoism was the Divine Emperor of China Huang Di, Who presented this knowledge to people through His student Lao Tse. Lao Tse wrote the treatise Tao Te Ching dictated to Him by Huang Di.

However, as it happened many times with the Teachings received from God, Taoism in centuries received not only new correct concepts and methods but also false interpretations and fantasies.

This site helps the seekers of Tao to understand what the true Taoism is. Here one can become acquainted with  with biographies of Great Adepts of Taoism Who attained full Self-Realization in the Mergence with Tao.

This site presents also a new modern translation of Tao Te Ching.

The work on creating this translation was performed at the personal request of Lao Tse* and with His help.